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I am a recently graduated young artist with a BFA in Product Design that is looking to participate in a larger collective focused on creating for live performance, events, or experiential design.

I am trained to breakdown a starting problem or opportunity and then take it all the way through to manufacturing and production. I also have a background in fashion design and special effects makeup for theater and film. My strengths lie in sewing, prop-building, drawing, and public speaking/relations. I also have strong interests in sustainability and mental health.

 I am a very passionate, hard-working individual who enjoys having a strong work ethic and drive. I believe strongly in community and tend to be a very outgoing and positive person.

resume-job experience

Special Fx Makeup Intern                                                                           

Francia Cohen EFX- San Diego, CA

Assisted special effects makeup jobs for theatre, film, and live events

Assistant Teacher                                                                                                            

CYT- San Diego, CA

Assistant teacher to a “glitz, glamour, and gore” makeup class for ages 8-16 at Christian Youth Theater.

Gallery Attendant                                                                                                

Wonderspaces-San Diego, CA

Responsible for customer interaction and daily maintenance of art exhibits.

Head Receptionist/ Managerial Assistant                                  

Wonderspaces- San Diego, CA

Responsible for at-door ticket sales, training new employees, handling customer service issues, aiding the managers, and handling money.

Social Media Manager

Otis College of Art and Design- LA, CA

Responsible for researching design-related news and keeping the product department’s FB page up-to-date.

Teaching Assistant                                                                                           

Otis College of Art and Design- LA, CA

Teaching assistant for Prop Design Elective (1 semester), Visual Communication for Product Design (2 semesters), Soft Goods Studio (2 semesters), Interdisciplinary Arts and Teaching Elective (1 semester), Digital Design 3d Modeling (1 semester), Digital Design Adobe Studio (1 semester)

Product Designer

PsykoTwerp- San Diego, CA

I own and operate a small clothing and accessory business. I handle all aspects of design and production as well as sales and advertising.

Scenic Craftsperson

Seaworld- San Diego, CA

I own and operate a small clothing and accessory business. I handle all aspects of design and production as well as sales and advertising.

 September 2015- 2016

January -May 2016

June 2016- August 2016

May 2017- August 2017

January 2018- January 2019

September 2018- May 2020


July 2020- Now

November 2021- Now


High School Diploma                                                                                                                                                                    2013-2015

La Jolla High School- La Jolla, CA


Bachelors Degree in Product Design                                                                                                                         2015-2020

Otis College of Art and Design- LA, CA

Graduated with Honors.


soft skills

  • Meets deadlines every time

  • Handles responsibility and multi-tasking well

  • Adept at breaking down problems and processes

  • High drive/ work ethic


  • Skilled at mediating and diplomacy

  • Infectious positive attitude

  • Works well on teams and in communities

  • Well-spoken


other skills

  • Can write analytically with appropriate sourcing

  • Adept public speaker


  • Well-rounded academically

  • Can operate cash registers

  • Has very good basic math


technical skills


crafting skills

  • Sewing (home and industrial)

  • Pattern-making

  • Moldmaking

  • Technical drawing

  • Illustrating/ Rendering (digital and by hand)

  • Screenprinting

  • Airbrushing

  • Sautering/ Welding

  • Can operate hand and shop saws/ routers/ sanders



Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe In-Design

Rhino 3d Modeling Software

Vray Rendering Software



design process
design process 
establish guiding dirrection/opportunity

Finds and focuses the guiding purpose/ drive/ motive/ opportunity statement.

Checks to identify what groups are being addressed with a project. Makes sure project stays toward intended audience and constraints.

establish audience/ consumer
Can develop digital and/or physical moodboards/ storyboards to establish mood and stay on-theme with guiding direction and audience.
Conducts primary and secondary research for projects. Knowledgable on how to find accurate, relevant, and credible information.
competitive research analysis

Looks at other products/ projects on the market and what can be expanded on. Find what works elsewhere and piece together parts of those successes into current project.

finding key takeaways from research
Can extrapolate the key and relevant points of research for intended project.
synthesizing insights from takeaways
Takes major points of research and interprets underlying meaning or trend behind findings.
deriving opportunities from insights

Takes the interpretaion of research and analyzes the best approaches in response. Assures that there is a market or need for project being worked on (as well as purpose). 

Can ideate an array of solutions based off any opportunity chosen. Can be slight differentiations of each other or full fledged different conceptual ideas/approaches depending on project need.
Can render final images of product by hand or digitally and transpose it into an environment.

Can produce quick mock-up out of cheaper materials or a 3D print.

Can do final construction on most soft goods and props/ paintings.
Can make a starting technical package of specs of the project in order to take it to manufacturing.

I am very interested in science, psychology, and spirituality and how they convene on each other. Most of my personal time is dedicated to reading​​, writing, and drawing on these topics.

I am also very interested in holistic living and mental health and want to help create experiences that improve mental health stigma and/or promote sustainable practices through re-evaluating our daily practices and scope of the world.


  • Hermeticism

  • Meditation

  • The study and history of magic

  • World mythology

  • Mental health advocacy

  • Spirituality

  • Quantum physics

  • City planning

  • System operations

  • History

  • Youth engagement

  • Community art

  • Sustainability

  • Astrology/ astronomy

  • Event planning

  • Special fx makeup

  • Beatboxing

  • Gymnastics

  • Live entertainment


​​I grew up in an academically rigorous environment, being placed into a special education program for gifted students at the age of 8. I stayed in this program from 3rd grade up until I graduated high school. Throughout my formative years, I had kept a steady 4.0 GPA-expecting to eventually attend an IVY league school like most of my peers. However, I had been artistically inclined since the fourth grade and, midway through high school, I decided I wanted to pursue a field in art and design as opposed to something STEM or humanities-related.
Around this time, I started to vary my artistic endeavors and got heavily involved in costume and prop-making. The summer I graduated, I took that time to take courses at an array of design schools throughout the summer. I then took a gap year to work on my portfolio and work entry-level jobs. This gave me time to get job experience while I interned with a special effects makeup artist and researched design schools. With my work in prop/costume and illustration, I assumed I would go toward a theater or fashion design degree. I ended up attending Otis College of Art and Design as a fashion design major. After a little over a year, I decided that my interests were too varied for that particular major and decided to make the switch to product design.

Switching to this major was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made for myself. Product design emphasized learning a flexible design process and then being able to apply that to whatever interests we wanted to pursue. I spent the rest of my school years here and learned crafting skills (everywhere from welding and mold-making, to pattern-making and leather-working) as well as how to communicate an idea effectively, ideate off/ refine it, and then present it in a cohesive manner. I graduated with honors in the spring of 2020 and am now in San Diego ready to add to a larger collective.

artist statement
artist statement

I like to lean into the chaotic parts of life and live in the liminal space.



I am interested in pushing the boundaries of what compromises our reality and testing the limits of what creation can outlet. I want to explore the many dimensions of being (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical) that humans experience through focusing on authenticity and how that can lead to self-agency. My personal work is a gothic, neon, acid-washed way I interpret the unseen realm and I try to use these visuals as a means to communicate and understand faith and spirituality in a way that rebrands it within modern contexts. My ultimate aim is to offer a more constructive and holistic conceptual model for mental health and to bring active consciousness back to lifestyle habits and issues.

three kings.png

To conceptually merge emotional, scientific, and spiritual realities.

I am interested in exploring other lenses of reality and synthesizing them into a holistic model. Grey Matter is a conceptual model that organizes/visualizes this information and how it fits into a dual vs. non-dual schema. PsykoTwerp is a child of Grey Matter that acts as a guiding vehicle to express and present a new flexible mythology for the modern age. 

My ultimate aim is to offer a more constructive and holistic conceptual model for mental health and to bring active consciousness back to lifestyle habits and issues. I hope to help re-invent a new way of looking at our mental schemas that reflect the power/resilience of the human body and mind.

re-imagining how we interact/view our environment, surroundings, and relationships.

educating through multi-medium art, lifestyle products, and events/experiences.

As a self-identified lightworker, my main aim is to add healing and light in some form to the world. I aim to promote self-agency from a place of abundance, authenticity, and growth as opposed to a place of lack and fear. My ultimate aim is to create various experience-related projects that reflect these deeper concepts.

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