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Dimension Seekersconcept project

A meditative device to help tune a multi- dimensional organism

An aid to facilitating a relationship between all levels of being. It is a piece of headgear that is used as a meditative tool to help give one consideration or attention to other levels of awareness beyond the purely habituated physical and emotional.

dim seeks 2.png

starting Design Statement

How might we aid someone’s journey toward greater self mastery?


This device serves as a seperation of normal stimuli to  provide an environment or moment for opening up to other considerations of being.


  • Changing and limiting visuals will help unhabituate other  levels of feeling.

  • Act of entering a different space builds a type of ritual (or practice) that builds an accordance with your specific intent.

  • Limiting and conrolling sense load to work in favor of  attuning to other levels of awareness.

  • Entering another space without being removed completely from the one presently in. 





Gaze at limitless space to help practice mindfulness

AlexanderJ_contextimage-studying (2).png


Connect to music to decompress

AlexanderJ_contextimage-studying (1).png


Help block out external stimuli



Training your brain-

Biological Research Summary

Our sense of reality flows in two ways

1. Stimuli entering the brain
2. THEN the brain’s perceptual prediction after



This relationship puts more emphasis on perception as an active construction process Actively generating the world from perceptual predictions as opposed to solely passively percieving it (that being only the 1st step in the process)



themes from research insights

Genesis by observership

Utilizing thought as a tool

Ritual, manifestation and practice



A device for consideration and exploration of self and experience/ our sense of reality.

Experiential/ education/ lifestyle focused





Directly applied color light to body- physical effect Eyes processing color- mental effect Violet light- associated with wisdom, crown chakra, knowledge, wealth, conciousness, richness, imagination, mystery. helps sleep and reduce body stimulation/ urges

how it works

effect concept

This illusion of suspended sitting space pushes the individual to consider themselves in relation to the  space around them.

It shows limitless light- a metaphor for opportunity- amongst the void of darkness- a metaphor for the unknown. With this, people are urged to consider their feelings and thoughts not complexes that rule and dictate their living- leaving them paralyzed and stressed but rather indications of who they want to be and where they want to go.  This reflection of space acts as a  visual liminal area to give yourself the time and headspace to rebalance.       

 Focus Consumer


Focusing on positive construction- addressing most basic urge to grow and be more than what we are.

• Focusing on a human's complex layered experiences as a creator and explorer




1 way mirror

(facing out)

led lights applied on temples

1 way mirror (facing in)

3d printed base

led lights

Early Adopters

Magic practioners, experienced meditators,  manifestors, psychics

Practiced experimentation.

Early majority

People looking to start meditating, willingness but still limited experience with mental focus.

Active experimentation

Medium majority

People who like visual effects, need help sleeping, interested in trying new approaches but not committed.

Passive or convenient experimentation


Aggressively non-spiritually-inclined individuals.



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