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Final Design

A hoodie and bracelet/ watch combo that monitors your heart rate and leads you through a lighted guided breathing excercise when it becomes irregular.

Designed for individuals who have trouble with emotional control.





Warm colors indicate the heartrate is quick and irregular

renders 8.png
renders 7.png
renders 6.png

As heartrate slows colors get cooler

renders 5.png

Challenge Statement

How might we encourage discussion about the full range of human emotion?


emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.Emotional intelligence is commonly defined by four attributes:

1. Self-management – You’re able to control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.

2. Self-awareness – You recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior. You know your strengths and weaknesses, and have self-confidence.

3. Social awareness – You have empathy. You can understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognize the power dynamics in a group or organization.

4. Relationship management – You know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.


Qualities of emotional intelligence to focus on

  1. Perceiving emotion

  2. Using emotions to facilitate thought

  3. Understanding emotions

  4. Managing emotions

extreme users

Expression Of Immediate Emotion




Type of Emotion



Type of Emotion

(Fufilling/ Unfufilling)

Immediate expression.

Cannot control emotional/ bodily impulses

Non-stimulant. Heavy. Quiet

(depressive feelings, serenity, stability, monotony)

Typically Upset.

Feelings of missing something majority of the time

Tucked away.

Can prioritize other things


Active. Stimulant

(anxiety, excitement, nervousness, suspense, joy)

Typically whole.

Content majority of the time


primary research- interviews


• goes into seizures if triggered and at high levels of emotional output

• does not bring it up without prompting but has no issue talking about diagnosis when asked- not looking for it but easily prompted

• very intense experiences-does not readily go into detail about those because of discomfort of others

• feels dismissal is the issue. hates being labeled self-sabotaging. only acting this way because of past trauma. “protecting myself”

• gets overly goofy when happy and sometimes that annoys people. can brush off and have “fuck it” attitude. sometimes deeply over analyzes and bothers them later. Really just wants to make good impression and “really be seen”

• feels like peole are being ingenuine or lying. wants to be shown off or actively included in someone’s life. Feels excluded or that they have to put in effort first/ more.


  • Desire to feel connected and cared for/ included by others

  • Desire to be heard and acknowkedged/ not dismissd

  • Gives weight to things- gives importance but also drains energy


• naturally non-turbulent inner world

• connot grasp idea of visceral emotional trauma

• copes by moving on, non-fixation

• celebrates a lot. relishes in enjoyment of     special occasion to things. If there are negatives- will bring up issue but only when absolutely neccessary- avoids conflict- doesnt need or want extra stress. internally deals with things, does not confide into anyone

• independant. not good to hold onto things. desire to keep moving  and not hold attachment unless shown a regular pattern. Doesn’t really express negatives- just lets it go as best as possible to avoid friction.

• Doesnt go to personal therapy. would never just “unload: things on someone they don’t know. does not like unneccsay involvement especially for negative things.


  • Focusing on their abundance gives times for appreciation

  • flexible. quickly moving. non-fixation

  • leads to less bother but also less sincerity

Key insights

  • Acklowledging and validating each other breed better communication

  • The physical and internal are connected

  • Honoring one’s authenticity leads to emotional well being

  • Connection requires expression through physicality

  • Creation outlets emotion

  • The purpose of communication is to connect

  • Inauthenticity comes from the pursuit of human connection

  • Doubt and fear prohibit opportunity

  • Upholding our ideals and boundaries inspire personal fufillment

mind map 1.PNG
mind map 2.PNG

opportunities derived from insights


holding boundaries

Enforcing/ communicating.



holding space

Honors authenticity.



upholding ideals

Affirmations/ personal fufillment.     Future-oriented

customer profiles


customer profiles



Early Adopter

Age 44

Delaney is into yoga and meditation. She has become spiritual through her life and now as she ages just wants to live holistically and feel fufiled and healthy. She aims to be more conscious about her choices. She has dipped into occult and divination practices before because she has made a point to travel in her life and, from that, has experienced a lot of cultures, meanings, and rituals. Is very openminded and as a result she has some wacky friends that believe some outlandish things but she is “a step in a a step out”. Values being pragmatic. Will argue devil’s advocate with her friends but also be the first to welcoming considering the outlandish ones with fair vision. Works hard to keep her busy life together with her two kids, transfer student living resident, and husband. Lives a little cluttered- has a lot going on in her mind but does value being clean.



Medium Majority Age 21

Young college student started at community and is now transferring to state for anthropology. Realizing his impact and the impact of this time as he is maturing and is enthused to act. Does help in small ways (recycling, advocating when he can) but wants to do more. Feels limited by the systems set in place (comes from impoverished community) but is as hopeful as he can be and wants positive change. Environmentally conscious and empathetic toward people. Inclusive and passionate but still learning how to engage. Gets in head and sometimes spiral thinks and puts himself on a bad note- anxious tendencies but is trying his best. Does not claim to be a victim. Just started hopping on the astrology trend. Knows his sun sign but does not know what the heck the rest of the chart is about. Is amused by it and likes hearing about it just for fun and not taken seriously.


Aster Early Majority Age 10

Thoughtful girl who likes reading and goes to public school in new area after being homeschooled for a year after traveling for a parent’s job. Wants to engage kids but gets excited easily and is viewed as an outcast because of “weird” behavior. Good standing in school but no social life. Can be very energetic at home though but just gets shy and socially anxious at events. Likes reading harry potter and fantasy novels. Parents are trying to teach her to not be influenced by the judgement of others as long as she is acting true to herself and with kindness. She is slowly learning

making and materials

alternate materials


tchouc textile

paper with integrated optical fibers hardly yellows can be made maisture repellant stains can be removed with damp cloth


light paper

biodegraadable. like leather or PU made from canvas (linen and jute) natural rubber coatings hand made composite waterproof and durable



biodegraadable. made out of gelatin used from excess of meat industry ochre for coloring leather or subber/silicone like natural wax coating repellant

reach alternatives


BARE Conductive Ink

Conductive ink appllied to skin.

Non-toxic and temporary

Bridging gap between human and electronics


Microorganism Powered Light

Bacteria that emit electrodes

“Feed” light spoonful of vinegar a week

Foster relationship between human and electrical use

design research- alternate ways of making

Reduced Material Impacts

• Use electroconductive thread instead of wires in the lining

• Use light conductive paper insead of fiber optic fabric

• Use a compostable weatherproof, durable fabric for hood

• Curved nautilus-shaped supports could be recyclable aluminum wire or bamboo

• Cotton Padding for back circuitry

Manufacturing Innovation

• Hood engineered as stand alone no need for attachment

Optimized End of Life

 • Can be deconstructed so parts can be recycled or disposed of properly

• Supports attached and layered with a seperate wooden mechanical piece via jonery

System Longevity

• Parts can be replaced this way as well

• Snaps or zipper on hood to jacket so jacket can be washed or parts replaced

• Ability to remove fabric from supports (not sewn in permanently)

tech pack

tech pack



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