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grey matter

Expect Nothing Accept Everything

Attach to Nothing Connect to Everything

Nothing is essential Everything is Necesscary

Nothing is Certain Anything is Possible

A conceptual brand that explores merging multiple avenues of thought and experience to explore how perception, intentionality, and reality interact.The Grey Matter experience explores integrating spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental planes, understanding their interplay and how that understanding can be used to direct our own lives and promote self-agency.

What is Grey Matter


So far, it is a body of work I am compiling that explores seeing the world through a dualist and non-dualist perspective-in a differentiated, faceted but overall linked manner- that can be used as a guiding document to exploring facets of being and experience in relation to each other. 

Grey Matter focuses on executing projects that explore different perspectives on the experience of reality and life. It aims to illustrate the individual experiences and lenses we participate in and share while also understanding how they are all facets of the same underlying living consciousness. The exploration of what the experience of God, evolution, progress, and enlightenment have in common.

To conceptually merge emotional, scientific, and spiritual realities into a holistic model of thinking.


Why is this worth doing and what is the goal?

The goal is to recognize humans baseline as artsits, explorers, designers, storytellers, communicators and creators and use that force to explore other realms of being in order to heal, connect, and give agency to our lives. 


To offer an alternative way of operating within the world that recognizes duality (black and white or scale) thinking but does not become prisoner to it; To help rephrase/ recognize negative feelings and circumstances in a way that best serves forward movement and gives power back to the individual;  To give people more direction, confidence, and agency in their life without having the need for control; To promote seeing through an abundance mindset rather than one of lack to make deficits into bounty; To offer an aid for self agency and self healing. By understanding how and what all realities can look like, we can start to see how they work together. By drawing attention to experience and being, we understand intentionality and consciousness and how that may be used to best serve us individually and as a larger working community.

re-imagining how we interact/view our environment, surroundings, and relationships in order to promote authentic, healthy living and inspire agency.


How do you expect to Communicate that?

These concepts are being explored through experience designs centered around storytelling, positive construction, authenticity, and self agency.  Focusing on research specifically from quantum and relative physics, holistic psychology, hermeticism, and mythology. 

educating through multi-medium art, lifestyle products, and events/experiences to inspire how to live out and create within a reality.

Going into the Future

I would like to use this conceptual model to partner with artists, brands, events, activities, entertainment, movements, and any other interested partnership of any sort.


Experience curating, education, research, holistic design thinking, system development, personal projects, collaborations. 

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