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spryte incense holders

Candle, incense, jewelry, and key holders shaped as surreal fantasy creatures that sit on tabletops and act as watchful companions, protective dreamcatchers, and physical sigils.


There is a lot of power in personifying inanimate matter around us. It gives us a calming sense of company but can also help us remember to pay attention to the smaller things around us. These little table-side creatures help to remember and encourage better habits- whether it is remembering keys or jewelry, burning an incense for a quick meditation, or to provide a nightlight and watchful presence for a more restful sleep.

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Meet Calcyfer and Caystor! These are two of many little sprites that come out of the ether. They're not very powerful entities, but act as good catalysts if given a specific single directed intent. I kind of associate them as a visual representation of a sigil. They're very good companions and are very friendly. They come to us so that they may be captured and given a physical form. This allows them to travel interdimensionally (cuz they're not strong enough to do it by themselves) and then they offer help and aid to this version of reality. When brought into the physical world, these creatures harden into stone-like materials and are best used as incense burners, candle vodives, jewlery holders, and bedside dreamcatchers. 

calcyfer and caystor.png
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final renders
modeling process
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