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AND binded to the will

A brand that I started developing in 2019 that focuses on spirituality and myth and how that translates in the modern age. It is a brand that produces imagery and products designed to help bring consciousness back to certain habits or issues-specifically concerning mental health- through portraying them spiritually in a new-age, urban art-related context.

a little about PsykoTWERP...

This brand operates very close to my personal beliefs and lifestyle as an artist. It aims aims to serve as a visual articulation of my personal spiritual journey and what that process looks like in the modern day.


PsykoTwerp tries to rebrand and rearticulate spiritual concepts and terminology in a way that works within modern societal contexts. It is based off a lot of the teachings of Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, and aims to help start the process of moving over to a new world-based mythology.

This brand aims to serve as a visual articulation of Grey Matter's concepts- specifically those in reference to magic, creation, and chaos. It aims to draw attention to and promote how much intentionality, conciousness, and magic there is in the world and what we can do with it. 


PsykoTwerp's Goal

The goal is to develop imagery to bring to life the lifeless and hard to digest and to offer a way to visualize and understand spirituality.

To promote healthy spiritual practices and ways to reach out spiritually that make sense in/ are adapted to the modern age

Also to spread into channels that people actually pay attention to

To offer and articulate a spiritual lens/ filter to modern mental health that many discount in a way that makese sense alongside science and psychology

How Does This Brand Communicate This?

Artists are the storytellers and magicians who can transverse the liminal space between the unseen realm and our physical experience of reality. They are the ones that help cultivate interest and understanding by providing vision.


PsykoTwerp creates a narrative about spirituality and the psyche's interaction with the unseen realm that integrates it's concepts into the human story here on Earth and into practiced life.

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into the future

Going into the Future

The ultimate goals are to offer a way to visualize and understand spirituality, to promote healthy spiritual practices in ways that make sense in/ are adapted to the modern age, and to offer and articulate a spiritual lens/ filter to modern mental health in a way that makes sense alongside science and psychology.

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