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void furniture

A piece of meditative furniture that suggests contemplation of one's self in relation to space.

infin ben 2.png


Building anxiety about the future of our planet and the unrealistic standards we are enforcing builds tension within the individual that usually directly translate to their emotional and physical habitual behavior. Meditation and bringing one's self into presentness is an effective way to counterbalance these overactive predictive tendencies yet it is hard for many to concentrate in a focused and still way that reduces mental, emotional, and physical stimuli. This bench allows an individual or group to relax- either exposed to the world or closed-off while seemingly being suspended in space or inside of a void that goes on endlessly.

infin bench 5.jpg


This design was formed reflecting the Shamanic cross which is a symbol of the rising and setting of the sun, of duality, and of balance. This design's shape reflects a "coming inward" and is less of an escape from the outside, but rather a holding-of-space for a re-evaluation of self within the current situation. This design allows one control over how much outside stimulus is let in - however- due to the holes- it will never be fully separated. Instead of confining the individual through this tight space, the reflections encourage a free and endless form of thought while inside.

infin ben 3.png


This illusion of suspended sitting space pushes the individual to consider themselves in relation to the space around them. It shows limitless light- a metaphor for opportunity- amongst the void of darkness- a metaphor for the unknown. With this, people are urged to consider their feelings and thoughts not complexes that rule and dictate their living- leaving them paralyzed and stressed but rather indications of who they want to be and where they want to go. Any friction being experienced is an opportunity to let go of present attachments to develop their creativity and respond rather than react.

infin ben 4.png



This design consists of a donut-shaped mirrored surface that will be layered with a two-way reflective film and then lined with lights- thus producing an infinity mirror effect where the lights seemingly go on forever. It is curved in a C-shape that overhangs a bit on both ends in order to allow the top and bottom surfaces to reflect each other- adding more dimension and space. This donut shape will be split equally into four sections that layer behind each other. When pulled out, each section can be added, connecting to the first, allowing for four different configurations with varying degrees of openness. These quadrants can be rolled or installed on a track and hung.  Along with the lights, pressure sensors or remote-control operations could be added to personalize the experience of the individual using it.

infin ben 7.jpg
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